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We rear nearly fifty thousand birds annually. We house our birds in pens, feed them with high quality feed and ensure that they are routinely vaccinated to ensure maximum healthiness at all times.

Our farm has a capacity of 10,000 birds (layers), 5,000 birds (broilers) and 2,000 (turkeys). We have carefully mastered the art of rearing our laying birds from day-old-chicks to maturity. In the near future, we hope to install our ultra modern state-of-the-art hatchery and processing plant.

As a green conscious farm, we have in place an environmentally friendly waste management system in which all poultry waste are processed and used as fertilizer for our crops. We also breed feed supplements like maggots for onward sale to other farms.


Our pigs are bred in clean and spacious pens with good sanitation facilities and are often left to graze openly on feed-grain crops for short periods of time.

We rear the highest breeds of exotic pigs like Camborough, TN Tempo, Large White, and Duroc. They are fed fresh and nutritious feed, ad libitum.

We keep and maintain the health information, production history and other vital records of each pig on the farm.

We have honed our skills in rendering optimum care for pigs of all ages from piglets, weaners, growers to gilts, sows and boars and in mastering every stage of the production cycle from the point of gestation, farrowing, fattening and sale. Little wonder then why we have an average litter production of 12 and our pigs when slaughtered produce large amounts of meat.

Cashew Plantation

We commenced operations on our cashew plantation mid 2018 during the planting season with hybrid seeds using elite planting materials, appropriate production techniques and improved agronomic practices. The plantation is manned by a team vast in the knowledge of proper orchard management.

We expect our first commercial harvest by early 2022. Due to the inter-cropping nature of cashew, we also grow and harvest cassava and corn on the plantation annually.